Office365 Uh Oh - How to remove license from subscription
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Microsoft Office365 Uh Oh #1 - How to remove license from office365 subscription

I have been doing a lot of office 365 integrations lately for small to large business (through Rely Interactive - )and I decided to start a series on here call "Office365 Uh Ohs"


Because for how integrated Office365 tries to be, it can cause a lot of silly, non-integrated issues.

To start off, How do you remove a license from an office365 subscription?

For example, lets say you wanted to add 1 license only, but in your hurry you inadvertently added 10.

Hitting next on the licenses screen doesn't show you the total to correct, or the new monthly amount, instead it tells confirms some legal mumbo jumbo...

So it's easy to mess this up (is the point)

No worry, go back into licenses, look around for...

... for what?

DOH! there's no way to remove the 9 licenses  you didn't mean to add... Another not so integrated part of their integrated solution.

The solutions?
The only way to remove those licenses from the subscription is to open a service request to "subscription and billing" to remove them.

NOTE: this isn't adding or removing licenses from users, this is removing licenses from the subscription.

If you know any other tricks, please post them in comments, I'll try and update this post as soon as microsoft provides a fix.
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