Bit Torrent Search engine alternatives (btjunkie closed)
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Now that the bit torrent search provider btjunkie ( has "voluntarily" closed down shop, here are some alternatives:

  • - Tv show focus, releases great tv torrents as soon as their available (great is your on west coast, usually get to see shows early).
  • - Good engine, but takes awhile to be updated. Btjunkie was usually updated every 24 hours, this feels like once a week.
  • - Searches what torrents demonoid is currently tracking. You usually can find what you need here by changing the search results to filter based on health
  • - Kick Ass torrents, I really like this site and it's layout, seems to be up to date within 24 hours, may be the closest thing to btjunkie replacement there is.
  • - Relatively new I believe, with a .org address, not sure how long this site will be out, but check it out. In use, feels like it's missing some key trackers, but still good.
  • - again, another good service, but with a .com address... not sure how long they'll be around before getting shut down.

There are some services I didn't include. The obvious pirate bay, and, etc. Simply because I don't think they'll be around much longer. Torrent Freak reported that pirate bay is transitioning away from it's current model, and the RIAA obtained a subpeona in court to try and find out who it's owner is just a few months ago (I expect them to be shut down soon). Iso Hunt is another one you can check out, I don't like that site personally, but it' gets alot of traffic.

RIP btjunkie... my personal favorite BT search engine.

enjoy the list.
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