PHP How to enable and display error messages »

INI_SET display_errors | Error_reporting in PHP - How to enable and display error messages

// before any output
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
// continue with code

I always needs this jumping back and forth between client hosting environments... might as well post it


How to enable developer options Android Devices »

How to enable developer options Android Devices (USB DEBUGGING)

Android Studio not detecting Device (Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab, etc)

If Android Studio is not detecting your device, it may be because you have not enabled usb debugging in Developer options.

You may then ask yourself, where are the developer options for android (especially if you're used to older versions of Android like I was)?

  1. On the device itself... to enable Developer options in Android go into Settings
  2. Then select About device
  3. Then tap on the build number area 7 or so times
  4. This unlocks a new tab in settings called Developer Options
  5. Go into developer options, scroll through until you see USB Debugging
  6. Tap to turn on USB Debugging

Android Studio should then see the device (a reboot of Android studio is not usually required, but go for it if you don't).

IF you still don't see the device in Android Studio... There are a few other things to consider that I will write about in separate posts.

- enjoy


Firefox zooms in on websites - zoom set @ 100% »

How to disable Firefox zoom in on webpages

Firefox is zoomed in even though zoom is @ 100%

Windows 8 Firefox zoom is broken

There are a million different search terms I used to try to find a fix for this... needless to say I didn't find one.

So I dug through the firefox config and found it.

  1. type in about:config in your address bar in firefox and hit enter (you'll get a window that warns you about changing the config... hit the button ".. I'll be careful" to continue)
  2. in the search bar type in "pix" and hit enter
  3. about 4 or 5 listings down you'll see an entry called "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" double click the row and replace the value (probably -1) with a positive 1

That's it

Gosh I hope I got enough search phrases for this... took me forever to figure out. I hate what windows 8 (and firefox now??? ) are doing with the dpi scaling... solving a problem that never existed. 


New tutorials and content coming soon. »
I was checking in on my google analytics and my 10k uniques ever month is turning into 9k -

Sorry everyone, I've been busy, but I have a new tutorial series starting and I'm probably going to start back up on the PHP tutorials also.

Promise I'll be posting by end of day, if not tomorrow at the latest.

Stick around, I'll be talking about how to integrate Stripe with PHP (only) without their JS interface next

thanks for sticking around!


Updated Date Tool - Unix Timestamp Creator/Convertor »

Updated Date Tool - Unix Timestamp Creator/Convertor

Simple change to the current date-time tool here at PHP haven for testers or other Database guys whom need to manually enter Unix Timestamp values for dates to test functionality!

Sometimes you write code that is based on dates in the past (or future), and need to manually have these Unix Timestamps.

With the tool: You can select a date, submit, and get the unix timestamp.


Updated Tool here:

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